Wealth Management Company

KeysGest SA


KeysGest SA is a company operating in Global Wealth Management founded in 2018 in Lugano with the purpose of managing and advising its clientele in an absolutely independent, transparent and personalized manner.

Protecting, preserving and increasing your personal, family and corporate assets is our mission and this in an increasingly difficult context to interpret, a context that requires a specialized approach in tackling an increasingly complex economic, political and social environment in fast transformation.

The role that KeysGest SA aims to assume is to help and accompany its customers to anticipate the risks involved and to identify the best opportunities that a changing financial environment can offer.

To carry out its activity KeysGest SA uses, in addition to a highly qualified team, primary banking institutions that share the philosophy and principles, and also interacts with Specialist Studies to offer highly professional services and pursue the strategy and objectives agreed with the customer.